émissions // France Musique
from Monday October 12th to Sunday 18th 2023 – France Musique
France Musique Création Mondiale

A radio program by Anne Montaron

Recorded at Radio France on April 12th 2023

Charles David Wajnberg : émissions, for french horn and real-time synthesis

  • Manon Souchard, french horn
  • Raffi Kevorkian, musical producer
  • Pierre Monteil, staff manager
  • Allison Ascrizzi, postproduction
  • Charles Bouticourt, PA
  • Anne Montaron, producer
  • Marion Guillemet, production assistant

Première émission on June 12th at 15:55 or 22:55

Listen on Radio France

Full broadcast on June 18th

Listen to the full program on Radio France