terres digitales
for piano (2012)
terres digitales

Duration: 9 min.

terres digitales (Extrait)
terres digitales (Extract)

I hate travel and explorers…

The famous line from Claude Lévi-Strauss’s Tristes tropiques, which I’ve taken to without hesitation, hardly predisposes me to equate composing or auditioning with a journey. And yet the expression is often heard.

As a composer, cartography interests me more than travel. Instead of a simple itinerary and the narrative it generates, it reveals more musical aspects: cartography isn’t a journey, it’s all possible journeys. It is a call to the imagination.

The composition of terres digitales is conceived as a work of cartography. Based on five “continents”, five distinct sound textures, the score combines the possible contours and paths that lead from one sound to another.

These lands are neither entirely palpable nor entirely imaginary, somewhere between writing, sound and the skilful movements of the pianist’s hands.